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Auditing is defined as an independence examination of the books and account of an organization by a duly qualify person to enable the person to give an opinion as to whether the account show a true and fair view and comply with relevant statutory guidelines.

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Abiodun S. Onifade & Co. is a professional in Accounting services. We are capable of handling all your accounting needs because we understand what is accounting. Click the button to learn more about our accounting services.

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Tax is also defined as a compulsory levy imposed or charged on taxable citizens, companies and firms to enable government obtain the required revenue to finance its activities.

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At Abiodun S. Onifade & Co., we relief you of your financial stresses. Our main goal is discerning new ways to serve our clients. We make it a priority to train our staff and recruit competent specialists in new areas so that we can provide you with the high quality service that your business deserve.

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Welcome to Abiodun S. Onifade & Co. Recruitment support services, your strategic outsourcing partner focused on advancing your business goals. We have comprehensive and thorough procedures for finding the right people for the right jobs. We provide a specialized service using our expertise and proprietary tools in the identification, assessment and selection of qualitative professionals.

Our process begins right from the development of the job descriptions until the candidate has been placed.

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